Levitra: Main Characteristics, Customer Reviews and Most Popular Questions

Name of the Drug Levitra
Active Ingredients vardenafil (corresponds to 5,926; 11,852; 23,705 mg vardenafil trihydrate hydrochloride, respectively), crosspovidone— 4,35/6,25/8,85 mg; magnesium stearate— 0,87/1,25/1,77 mg; MCC— 74,419/105,023/141,797 mg; silicon colloidal dioxide— 0,435/0,625/3,385 mg.
Cover macrogol 400 — 0,555/0,797/1,128 mg; hypromellose— 1,664/2,391/3,385 mg; titanium dioxide— 0,455/0,653/0,925 mg; dye iron oxide yellow— 0,092/0,133/0,188 mg; iron oxide red dye— 0,007/0,011/0,015 mg.
Usage Levitra-a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, phosphodiesterase inhibitor type 5 (PDE5).
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Advantages of Levitra

if you have problems with erection or desire to make sex life more intense and varied, you may need to use various medications, one of which is Levitra. Levitra is a modern drug, which takes the second place after Viagra in the effectiveness of the fight against impotence. But it can be used even in the absence of this disease – an unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

In addition to the fact that Levitra can be bought at an affordable price, it helps to treat erectile dysfunction, it also makes sex life more intense, harmonious and bright, and also has the following advantages over other drugs:

Levitra is one of the fastest means. It begins to act on the body after 10-30 minutes after administration. This gives partners the opportunity to maintain a natural sexual relationship. Unlike many other drugs, Levitra can be taken after drinking alcohol.

Taking Levitra by Canadian Pharmacy with impotence, you can be sure that the erection will come at the right time, since its presence is determined by sexual arousal. In addition, the drug can significantly extend the erection and reduce the time to recuperate before the next sexual act.

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 men are satisfied with the use of Levitra purchased on the site viagra18.com.ua, and note that the effect occurs after the first pill, and subsequently the effect of the drug increases.

  1. The drug improves potency no matter how long ago and for what reason there was erectile dysfunction and what measures were used to treat it.
  2. Clinical studies have shown that Levitra is completely safe.
  3. The drug works up to 6 hours.

Generic Viagra from Canada/India, made on the basis of the active ingredient vardenafil, produced by the famous Indian brand for the treatment of erectile dysfunction of different etiologies. Unlike other popular analogues, this drug is popular because of its high efficiency, soft action, safety and affordable price. As confirmed by the reviews of buyers and doctors, the drug has the same therapeutic effect as the branded drug.

However, if the original Levitra can be bought at a pharmacy on prescription and for a very high cost, the generic drug is much more available for men with different budgets. In the presence of sexual disorders, generic should be taken regularly, and therefore the purchase of the original drug becomes too expensive, since its price includes additional costs for the development of the formula, patenting, advertising. In turn, the generic is performed on a ready-made formula, and therefore costs much less.

Levitra: Side effects & Drug Interactions

Once again I want to remind you that before you start using such a drug, you need to carefully study all the side effects and contraindications. The best option is to visit a doctor who will tell you about this situation in more detail. As a result, you will understand exactly whether you should use this drug, or should choose something else.

If you have any problems with the kidneys, liver, then use this drug is not recommended, be sure to remember this, so as not to face in the future with a variety of problems that will not be able to give you a good mood in any case, so keep this in mind.

Take this tool can be in cases of Peyronie’s disease, this also applies to other conditions, but only under strict medical supervision. Take the drug should be an hour before the alleged sexual intercourse, and then you can enjoy it, as it should, knowing exactly what it really helps, and quite well.

Often, many men make the mistake of taking the drug with a meal, this is not recommended, so you should be sure to keep this in mind to avoid various problems in the future, and therefore take into account such important features necessarily.

Despite the fact that the side effects of this drug is rare, you need to understand that they are possible, and therefore you need to be prepared for them. For example, while taking this drug, you may encounter headaches, various allergic reactions, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, etc. More details, you can know about all side effects, read the instructions to this drug.

Also, it does not hurt to have an additional consultation with a specialist, who in turn will tell you more about this drug, which means that you will know exactly whether you should use it, or you need to choose something else.

By the way, consultation with a doctor, will allow you to understand what kind of tool of this type is ideal for you. Thus, you will know for sure that by purchasing this or that drug, it can easily and simply solve many problems associated with erection.

If you use the tool for a long time, you know that you can face a variety of unpleasant and uncomfortable sensations in the back, this also applies to seizures, so do not be afraid, you need to seek help from specialists, they, in turn, will help you with the solution of this problem.

After all, it happens that there is nothing left to do but to seek help from a specialist, so that he in turn had a specific treatment. But as practice shows, usually there are no problems from the use of this drug, so do not need to be afraid, maybe nothing will happen to you at all, and you will enjoy its characteristics and properties in full.

It is important to know that to take the drug pills you need the right way, you need to put the tablet on the tongue and keep it in this position until it dissolves, be sure to consider this, as soon as it dissolves, it immediately, you need to swallow.

Many men violate this rule of application, thus they wash down the tablets with water, in fact, you need to understand that this is a serious mistake that can lead to the fact that you can not get the proper effect and pleasure from taking this drug.

So that this does not happen, you need to remember to comply with important nuances and rules, then everything will work out for sure. You will be able to evaluate the drug properly and understand that it is really effective and the best.

It is important to take into account the fact that this drug can not be used more than once a week. So, now you have to understand to avoid certain problems, be sure to follow these simple recommendations and tips, they in turn will help you enjoy an unforgettable night of love.

According to experts, this drug is effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and in almost all cases it shows only the best results that you will appreciate as it should. So now you have to realize that really Levitra is one of the best drugs in the modern world, which is ready to help you solve the problem with sexual life.

This means that as soon as you begin to use it, you will be able to personally make sure that really everything is exactly as it is, and therefore evaluate the drug as it should be. But that everything was just so, do not forget about the observance of important recommendations and rules, then an unforgettable night of love, you will be provided.

5 Frequently Asked Questions about the product

Q: What are the properties of drugs for the treatment of ED, in addition to the speed and severity of the action, the most interesting for the patient?

A: Most patients are primarily interested in the reliability and safety of the drug; a long duration of action is interested in a few.

Q: How quickly does Levitra start to act? What is the duration of this drug, what does it matter for the safety of his patient?

A: Effect Levitra manifested on the part of men through 10 mines after a reception, at majority – through 25 mines, duration of action 8-12 h. it is enough to use its effect the patient, the accumulation Vardenafil in the body occurs, which makes the drug is safe.

Q: What drug do you recommend to a patient who has previously been using sildenafil without much success?

A: The drug “Levitra”, as it has a more powerful effect on PDE5 (more than 10 times) than sildenafil.

Q: Does the Levitra’s effect decreased with prolonged use)?

A: Levitra’s effect does not decrease with time, which allows you to take the drug for a long time without reducing the effect.

Q: n what dosages is Levitra produced and why is it important?

A: Levitra is available in dosages of 5, 10 and 20 mg. which makes it possible to carry out the correction of therapy depending on the effectiveness and tolerability of the drug by the patient, i.e. to carry out an individual approach to the patient.