Fino's Pharmacy is a family owned and operated, full service pharmacy nestled in the heart of Dallas. Why travel out of your way for your pharmaceutical needs when we offers a large selection of merchandise. With over 40 years of experience, our Pharmacy has been serving the Back Mountain communities with all major brands of medications and remedies. For added convenience, Fino's Pharmacy also offers free prescription delivery in the Back Mountain Area because we know how difficult it can be to get around.

What We Offer:

More than just a corner online drug store

At our pharmacy, our aim is to improve your health and happiness. With us you’ll get affordable medicine, quality care, and unique services. We strive to make your day easier with convenient hours and curbside or delivery service.

We offer personalized care:

  • Pharmacy Services – Curbside service, prescription filling, delivery
  • Compounding Services – Flavor mixing, dosage changes, allergen removal
  • About Us – Learn about our history of service to the community

Your medicine can be unique to you

With our compounding pharmacy we can tailor your prescriptions to fit your needs. If you have a child who hates that “medicine taste” we can flavor their prescriptions and much more. Call us at 570-675-1141 to learn how your prescriptions can become less of a chore. Visit us at 3 Main St.

Why Do Customers Choose Fino's Pharmacy?

  • Hundreds of items available. While working on our catalog, we have made every effort to include everything you may need for taking care of your health and body: medicines for both common and rare diseases, medical equipment, cosmetics, products for pregnant women, lactating mothers and kids, dietary supplements, hygiene products. And as for medications, we offer over-the-counter and prescription means, as well as compounds for those who have special needs.
  • Reasonable prices. Frankly speaking, there are online pharmacies that set lower prices, but you should keep in mind that safe and effective drugs cannot be too cheap. In most cases, when you see that prices on some website are too attractive, that mean it distributes counterfeit products that are made of chalk and contain no active ingredients at all. Sure, when it comes to your health, you cannot take such a huge risk. So, avoid using such suspicious services. As for our company, we grasp every opportunity to reduce prices for you, and, in fact, they cannot be lower.
  • 24/7 support. We are here for you at any time of day or night. Feel free to contact us, if you need to ask something about your health or the medicines you have chosen. You can as turn to us if you face any side effects after you take a medication or have any difficulties with finding a suitable product or placing an order.
  • Personal approach. We do our best for every customer of our pharmacy to feel special. If necessary, we can conduct a private online consultation for you or make a compounded drug that will meet all your needs and preferences. In addition, on request, we can provide you with medications that have not been included in our catalog so far. We are always open to your requests and proposals.
  • Innovative technologies. We are constantly tracking all the technologies entering the market of online commerce in order to use them to provide you with the perfect shopping experience and to ensure the safety of your personal information and money. We have also created a brand mobile app for you to have the opportunity to get informed about the most profitable deals in an easy and comfortable way.
  • We know that, when it comes to buying medicines or discussing any kind of health problems, most people want to keep everything private. That is why we offer private online consultations and take a number of other steps to protect your privacy, for example, we do not indicate any information about the products you order in the bill or on the package.

The Most Popular Questions from Customers about Shopping Process

  1. Why are your prices so low?

First of all, one should highlight that Fino's Canadian Pharmacy is an online drugstore, consequently, we can save on such items as maintaining multiple satellite pharmacies or hiring a large number of staff. In addition, we have managed to organize our work in the way that helps us keep our prices to the minimum: we do not turn to any intermediaries, we use a smart delivery system, we focus on long-lasting cooperation with manufacturers, which provides us with the opportunity to get the most profitable deals for our customers.

  1. Do you guarantee the quality of your products?

Yes. The well-being of our users is our top priority. We realize that any quality problems may lead to serious health problems, that is why we collaborate with reliable and reputable producers only. We also carefully check all the certificates and licenses needed and conduct laboratory quality tests. So, it is safe to say that every product presented in our catalog fully corresponds to current Canadian standards.

  1. What are generics?

Generics are the copies of brand drugs that are produced after patents on original products expire. Generic medicines do not differ significantly from brand ones: they have a similar formula and an identical action mechanism. But the portion of active ingredients may be different, and some of the auxiliary ingredients may be excluded. As a rule, generics look a bit different, so that consumers do not get confused.

  1. Why are generics so cheap?

The production of such drugs does not require so much money. Manufacturers do not have to pay for developing, testing, advertising and patenting, since original producers have already covered all the expenses mentioned. In addition, most companies prefer to work in developing countries, since productions costs, including salaries, are significantly lower there. Still, such economy does not have any influence on the effectiveness or safety of drugs. Generics are produced in accordance with the international quality standards. No doubt, they are a suitable solution for those who cannot afford to buy original medicines or just do not want to overpay for a brand name.

  1. What are compounded drugs?

These are personal medicines that are used when patients cannot bear mass market products. They are a great solution for patients suffering from allergy or diabetes. As a rule, manufactured medications contain some auxiliary components, such as sugar, favoring agents or coloring substances. They do not produce any health-promoting effect, but can cause side effects, for example, allergic reactions. Compounds help patients avoid such problems. Besides, while making such products, pharmacists can change the portions of active ingredients or the forms of medications, so that it is more comfortable to use them.

  1. Do I need a prescription to order from your pharmacy?

No, we do not ask our customers to show us any prescriptions. But we insist that visiting your doctor before starting to take any prescription medicines is a must. Such a step will help you to avoid problems associated with side effects, drug interactions and others. After you have a consultation with your physician or other medical specialist, go to our catalog and choose the product you need. If you face any difficulties with that, please, contact us via phone or online chat.

  1. Do you send medications to my country?

We operate worldwide, so, there is a good chance that we will find the opportunity to send a package to your city or town.

  1. May I place an order from the USA?

Sure. Although the importation of drugs is prohibited in this country, the FDA is focused on those who import medicines for commercial purposes. According to the current policy, you will not be prosecuted if you order drugs for personal use. Still, it is not advisable to buy medicines for more than 3 months.

  1. What if I do not receive my package?

Please, contact our support team, and we will help you deal with that.

  1. Do you offer online consultations?

Yes. You can have a free consultation with a licensed pharmacist via our chat if you have any questions concerning your health problems or the product you are interested in. Such services are provided on an anonymous basis, so that you feel absolutely comfortable while discussing all sort of delicate issues.

Discounts & Coupons at Fino's Canadian Pharmacy

When you become our customer, you can count on being offered all sorts of bonuses, discounts and special deals on a regular basis:

  • daily discounts and bonuses;
  • weakly and monthly sales;
  • seasonal deals that include products that enjoy the biggest popularity during some particular periods of a year;
  • super offers for loyal customers.

We make sure that every item from our catalog is periodically included in the sale list. So, if there is no discount on the product you are interested in at the moment, be sure to check some time later.

Besides, as we have mentioned before, you can keep track of our discounts and promotions with the help of our mobile application. It works on both Android and iOS. Install it and start saving on medicines and healthcare products right now!

Must-have Erectile Dysfunction products for men from our online pharmacy

The full erectile dysfunction is observed at 5 % of men at the age of 40 years and at 15 % at the age of 70 years. This is a condition that spoils sexual life and relationships, but, luckily, there’s a way to improve the situation.

The first rule is to make some simple lifestyle changes, adopting a healthier lifestyle, such as quitting smoking, exercising regularly, and reducing stress, may be all that is needed. And the second is to resolve to medical help. Erectile dysfunction medications are based on chemicals that are called PDE5 inhibitor. They boost blood flow to sexual organs and relaxes penile muscles, which promotes quicker and stronger erection that lasts as long as a man needs. ED medications have the following effects:

  1. Provoke easy sexual arousal.
  2. Boost erection: make it last longer and keep penis as hard as never before.
  3. Improve the quality of orgasms and intensity of ejaculation.
  4. Make the penis more sensitive to penetration.
  5. Help to overcome erectile dysfunction totally.
  6. Slightly increase penis size in the erected state (by 1-2 cm).

Our online pharmacy offers a wide range of generic erectile dysfunction medications, including different types of Generic Viagra, Cialis, Penegra, Kamagra, and other drugs. Are they different from the original brand medications? No, generic drugs contain the same active substances as their prototypes. You can use them without being afraid for your health. Erectile Dysfunction drugs are the easiest way to restore healthy sexual life regardless of what caused impotence: psychological issues, or health problems.

Money saving tips

If you are prescribed a long course of treatment, buy medicines in large packages - it is more profitable. For example, packing of 120 tablets of aspirin costs US $19 and 82, and the packaging is the same aspirin 50 tablets — US $8.79. Do not forget to count the number of tablets and compare it with the marked on the package. Also note that there are discounts for older people when purchasing medicines in pharmacies. Remind both the doctor and the pharmacist.

The prices of medicines in Canada are really very high. The legitimate question is why. There are enormous risks involved in the production of medicines. Pharmaceutical companies in Canada conduct research at random, and in most cases, the scientific search leads to a dead end. Nevertheless, to save on science means to condemn yourself to the right defeat in the competition. Therefore, pharmaceutical firms, whether they like it or not, have to invest a very significant share of their revenues in R&D, much higher than in other industries. Canadian pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies spend tens of billions of dollars annually on research.

In specialized pharmacies the prices are the highest, in stores-cheaper, but online pharmacy allows you to save even more. Bringing a friend who will make a purchase using your promo code, you can get up to $50 to your bonus account. Each tablet can cost 2-3 dollars per piece and a monthly course “3 times a day before meals” can cost up to 270 dollars, for example. Plus, we should not forget that the pharmacy also takes money for packaging, a one-time payment for services, 10-15 dollars. This service is free of charge in Fino's Canadian Pharmacy.

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