Erectile dysfunction can happen in any age and in any man. There’s a huge array of treatment methods, but all of them are useless until the root of the problem is addressed. The same is said about medications. Is that true that drugs cannot cure impotence? Let’s check out what doctors and scientists say.

“It does not appear out of nowhere”

It is important to understand that impotence does not occur from scratch: it always has a reason, the urologist says. It may appear due to organic disorders, for example, as a result of diabetes mellitus or hypertension. It can also be the result of organic lesions of the penis, for example, inflammation of the cavernous (cavernous) bodies, injuries of the penis, Peyronie’s disease.

In addition to organic, there are also psychogenic causes of “male problems.” These include family conflicts, stress, depression, neurosis, psychosis, mental disorders, prolonged abstinence.

in most cases, disorders in the intimate sphere are a consequence of a disease and they occur in men due to an inattentive and sometimes disregard for their health.

Self-medication in this situation is not very effective. Drugs to improve potency will eliminate only the symptoms and help for a short time, but they will not remove the cause. And the patient will not be able to install it without the help of a doctor. It is best to start an examination with erectile dysfunction with a doctor’s consultation, and then possibly read up about tricks for a more beneficial use of ED drugs on He will help to understand the reasons and choose the right treatment.

Are natural supplements efficient?

Supplements, unlike medicines, do not pass clinical trials, which means that their effectiveness is not confirmed. And we cannot call them full-fledged remedies for the treatment of erectile disorders. The research is being made, but the results are not enough to approve of supplement efficiency.

What orthodox medicine offers?

Usually, doctors use medication, psychotherapeutic and surgical methods to treat erectile dysfunction. According to, the so-called physiotherapeutic treatment is efficient only in combination with other methods, it is pointless to use them separately. Any kind of erector who is now so actively advertising, and other wonders of design and technical thought, as a rule, are simply useless.

Which drugs are used by doctors?

Drugs that increase potency are divided into two groups: pills (oral) and injectable. The most commonly used tablets are type-5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis and Levitra). The mechanism of ED pills action is similar for everyone: they affect smooth muscles and thereby improve the blood supply to the penis. Medications are taken some time before the intended sexual intercourse, and they bring the body into “combat readiness” for a certain time.

Pills have one great peculiarity: they only work if there is emotional arousal. If there is no arousal in the brain, the dosage of pills takes does not play any role.

Which of these drugs is better is difficult to say: everything is individual here. The dosage is also selected together with the doctor.

If you believe the instructions of the drugs, the fastest and “long-playing” of them is Cialis. It must be taken at least 16 minutes before the alleged intimacy and the body, it keeps the body in a “state of readiness” for 36 hours. “Viagra” and “Levitra” should be drunk about an hour before sexual intercourse, they act for 4–5 hours.

If the body responds to drugs normally, the frequency of their intake should not be limited, that is, you can use them as needed. However, often medications can be an impetus for the body to work independently. To reach the long-lasting, strong impact, you need to take some of the drugs in a course — a tablet daily for a week.

According to doctors, courses of medication are often more effective than occasional use. In addition, psychological dependence can often develop from the latter, and without a pill a man cannot be realized as a man. Therefore, it is not worth abusing funds to enhance potency.

Theoretically, the drug that appeared later than all should be considered the safest and most effective — this is Levitra. A little earlier appeared “Cialis”, and the very first — “Viagra”. However, there is no practical confirmation of this theory: large-scale clinical studies on this subject have not been conducted.

Indications for medication treatment

According to, about 18 mln men in USA suffer from impotence, prostatitis and other “male” diseases. If there are symptoms, especially at the initial stage, until the disease has become chronic, it is necessary to treat impotence in men with a proven medication.

Preparations for impotence and treatment of prostatitis in men should be taken with the manifestation of the following signs of erectile dysfunction:

  • problems with urination (difficulty at first, weak pressure of the stream, pain, intermittent);
  • circulatory disorders and incomplete filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis;
  • pain in the perineum and pubic region;
  • with periodicity, the absence of an erection;
  • weak sex drive;
  • problems with ejaculation.

Means for treatment should be taken only as directed by a doctor. Self-medication can cause poor health.


Before taking the drug, read the instructions for use. Contraindications may vary depending on the composition, but the main ones remain:

  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • high blood pressure, hypertension;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • problems of the cardiovascular system;
  • minor age.

Forms of drugs available

Impotence drugs are produced in various forms of release, on our website are presented drugs in the form of:

  • tablets (convenient, familiar and measured the exact dose);
  • films (from a sachet, i.e. a bag, take out a film and put it under the tongue until completely dissolved);
  • chewable tablets;
  • gel (applied to dry, clean skin of the shoulders, forearms and abdomen. Do not apply to the genitals to avoid burns and irritations).

Before use, be sure to read the instructions for use and strictly adhere to it. Does the form matter? No, it can only affect the time it takes to start experiencing the effect.

How to boost the efficiency of treatment?

In order for the treatment result to be long-term, a patient should change his lifestyle:

  • give up smoking, drugs, alcohol;
  • normalize weight;
  • regularly visit a urologist (at least once a year);
  • have sex with a regular partner;
  • avoid stress;
  • timely solve health problems.

By combining the course treatment with ED pills and healthy lifestyle, a man can reach great results and restore the potency. You should understand that this is a long-term process which will take weeks, or even months. However, no one would argue that the results are not worth it.

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