Though Canadian healthcare services and medicine, in general, are amongst the most effective in the world, they also appear as the most expensive, too. Healthcare expenditures for an average Canadian family skyrocketed by 70% over the recent two decades, and with every new year to come, they break all-time records. According to (*popular healthcare company), in 2019, a single Canadian will pay over $5.000 for health care services and this number is going only to soar in the future.

While the healthcare system is striving to properly treat Canadian residents, its services do not come cheap at all. So it is hardly surprising why Canadians got more interested in medical tourism. There are, at least, 6 reasons for that:

  • Lower-cost medical services. Savings, including travel and accommodation costs, can be up to 90% off compared to what Canadian citizens would typically spend in their native country.
  • Quality of care. Due to the rapid development of science, technology, and drug production, the quality of medical care worldwide has dramatically improved, and today, even third-world countries can provide great healthcare and wellness services.
  • Insurance does not cover all medical needs. Many Canadians go for medical trips to obtain cosmetic or dental care which is usually not included in health insurance.
  • Need for experimental or investigational treatment. Canadians may engage in medical tourism to receive experimental/investigational treatments which are not yet approved in Canada. This typically relates to curing cancer or some other serious diseases which often drive patients to despair.
  • Enjoyable vacation. Why not relax in an exotic country along with getting quality medical treatment?
  • Practice local therapies. Canadians may travel abroad to learn traditional therapeutic practices like yoga or acupuncture from local gurus.

Most popular destinations with Canadians for medical tourism

Russia. Canadian employees visit Russian large cities to obtain good medical services and do not get bankrupt. For comparison, coronary artery bypass surgery in Russia will cost $3.500 while in Canada the same surgery will cost a patient from $55 to $130 thousands. Or laser correction of vision in Russia costs nearly $340-700, while in Canada the same procedure is as expensive as $4000-5000.

The second medical tourism hot spot for Canadians is Thailand. Urban hospitals in this Asian country are always swarmed by foreign patients seeking for affordable, yet professional medical care. The country is famed for offering inexpensive cosmetic procedures, dental services, and sex-changing surgeries – the ones which are never covered by health insurance in Canada.

Another cheap healthcare destination loved by Canadians is India. With its highly-qualified English-speaking medical specialists, and a broad spectrum of procedures and surgeries, coupled with bargain prices, India gained popularity with med-trotters from the whole planet, with Canadian patients making a good share of them.

China with its positive attitude towards stem cell therapies, organ harvesting, and other controversial medical experiments attracts those who are in despair to receive traditional medical care in native countries. Chinese medicine has a treatment for every disease, from spinal problems to neurodegenerative conditions.

Low-cost air-carriers, affordable prices, and overall medical professionalism boosted the popularity of Mexico as a medical touristic destination for cosmetic procedures, dental work, and vision correction procedures in modern specialized clinics.

Owing to the proximity to Canadian borders and a quickly developing economy, Costa Rica today is on everyone’s radar as a medical destination. Canadians go to this region to receive premium dentistry procedures, plastic & cosmetic surgeries, as well as spa/wellness retreat.

Against a backdrop of the mysterious Dead Sea, grand mountains, and breathtaking natural sights, Israel attracts patients beyond the Jewish Diaspora. The greatest allure behind Israel as that this nation is actively investing in own medical sector, supporting research institutions and drug development. Canadians come to Israel not only to swim in the healing waters of the Dead Sea but to cure oncology, infertility, cardiac issues, neurological conditions, and orthopedic disorders at relatively moderate prices.

Over recent years, foreign patients are driving to Finland for the sake of inexpensive medical care. Like any other Scandinavian country, Finland places the utmost importance on the quality of medical services but, unlike in neighboring European countries, its healthcare services are not extraordinarily expensive. Canadian patients come to Finland to treat cardiovascular diseases, cancerous tumors, spinal and joint injuries, as well as the diseases of musculoskeletal organs. The nation is also famous for offering effective (and cheap) infertility treatment programs.

South Korea possesses one of the best healthcare systems in the world, but in terms of prices, the nation wins over Canada, the USA, and Europe. South Korean has the fourth largest economy in Asia because its insatiable appetite for technological progress, married with Koreans can-do attitude opens endless developmental possibilities for the whole region. Canadians sought here the treatment for cancer, stroke, gynecology, endocrinology, and dermatology or transplantation. Traditional Korean medicine also heightens interests in esoteric-minded Canadian travelers.

Disclaimertraveling abroad for medical care does not come without risk. Fino`s Canadian Pharmacy does not provide a recommendation concerning traveling overseas for obtaining medical or healthcare services or purchasing prescription drugs. Different jurisdictions impose different requirements and standards on healthcare organizations, and their compliance may vary across countries. Please, do your own research prior to embarking on this type of travel.

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