We’ve done the research and ready to help you reduce the prices on refills and prescriptions. There are eight basic strategies to follow if you want to cut corners on your regular healthcare expenses and monthly refills.

8 Refill Cost Hacks: Key Points

  1. Deductibles and co-pays will help you save on D plans provided by Medicare;
  2. Ask the pharmacist to review your medication plan to understand whether you need all prescription medications or not;
  3. Take your time to pick out a better pharmacy;
  4. Don’t ignore price reductions and other money-saving features;
  5. Certain prescription medications imply pharmaceutical assistance;
  6. Some states in the country have pharma assistance programs;
  7. Consult the Extra Help program office to know whether you have the right to demand assistance;
  8. Charity programs on the national and state level can help you.

One of the top concerns of Medicare beneficiaries is finding a possibility for the 75% of senior US residents to save cash on their refills because statistically, they have to take six types of medications daily, weekly, and monthly.

Even if it’s about a private healthcare insurance plan or a D-plan provided by Medicare, there’s always something you can do to cut on the exceeding refill expenses. There’s a ton of coverage gaps that you can use in your favor. You’ll just have to do a little research and develop new strategies.

Take Control Over Refill Costs

Plans Comparison

Understand that the D-plan from Medicare is not always a cost-effective option.

Firstly, the most common meds listed in the list are produced by the renowned manufacturers and cost higher than the available replacements provided by the other medical insurance programs.

Secondly, every prescription plan includes such things as co-pays, deductibles, and limitations. Revising these prescription coverage elements can save more than you expect.

Prescriber Advice

A prescriber’s conversation will help you find out more than your doctor can tell you about the choice of the medications, an abundance of generic products, and compound drugs that can turn out to be cheaper and more effective than the existing meds listed in your prescription.

You can save even more if you purchase a 90-day supply of meds. Ask your med supplier whether you are eligible for this procedure. Significant supplies can also help you save on delivery costs.

New Competitive Options

Prices on meds a variable from one pharmacy to another. They are not universal. Besides, online drugstores are offering cheap and safe meds several times more affordable than the local brands. Staying loyal to one pharmacy is the first mistake one can make.

Even a small pharmacy in a grocery store can become more beneficial than habitual chain stores with an impressive reputation. Smaller drugstores often offer lower prices to compete with the mastodons of the pharmaceutical business in the area.

Prescription Cards

You’ll be surprised to know that saving on prescriptions is possible without any healthcare insurance plans. There’s a wide range of pharmacies and online drugstores with multiple pharmaceutical items and flexible pricing. Their seasonal price reductions, coupons, and personal approach to the loyal customers make them more beneficial than regular Medicare plans and the offers from the private healthcare insurance offices.

Pharmaceutical Assistance

Programs like these mean that specific individuals can get price reductions and bonuses directly from the specific pharmaceutical companies. It’s common for specialty prescriptions and refills, including costly maintenance medications. Don’t hesitate and apply for the assistance program directly from the pharma company producing your expensive medication.

Governmental and State Pharma Assistance

There’s a long list of state healthcare assistance programs you don’t know about. For more specific information, you’ll have to get in touch with the specialists of the Health and Human Services Department, Insurance Department, and Elderly and Adult Services Division of the state. The counseling is free.

Extra Help

It’s an official state program that helps the residents cut corners on Medicare expenses. They partially help the clients to pay for the coinsurance, premium programs, as well as for deductibles and co-pays. Your local Social Security Department will help you find out whether you are eligible or not.


Remember that the country is full of non-profit organizations helping people in need. If you or one of your nearest suffers from a severe condition demanding expensive treatment, start with online research. If your research is about a particularly rare condition, the chances of finding a charity organization ready to help you with at least partial expenses will be high.

A free consultation with the representatives of the National Council on Aging and their search tool will help you find programs within the area you live in.

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